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Baikonur cosmodrome trip, April 2019

35 photos

Progress MS-11 resupply mission to the International Space Station launched from Site 31/6 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on the 4th of April. Liftoff took place at 14:01 Moscow time, setting the stage for the spacecraft to rendezvous with the outpost just over three hours later.


April, 12th — Cosmonautics Day

On April 12, 1961, for the first time ever mankind went beyond the limits of the home planet and entered a new space age. We congratulate all space and cosmonautics fans on this great day and wish you all space health, peaceful skies, new heights and fantastic discoveries!


Baikonur cosmodrome tour, March 2019

52 photos

On the 14th of March at 10:14 pm (Moscow time) it once more roared at the Baikonur cosmodrome. A spacecraft with a crew of three onboard was launched into space: A. Ovchinin, N. Hague and C. Koch. The MS-12 crew emblem was almost a copy of the MS-10 crew emblem, the spacecraft-launch of which went down in history as the first unsuccessful one since 1983 (!). Well, the Russian cosmonautics does not rest and goes on developing.


From Russia with love

9 photos

Even strong frosts this year are unable to discourage tourists from discovering the world of cosmonautics. Besides, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City looks as astonishing in winter as in summer. Our French guest didn’t fear colds neither. The beginning of February was marked by another tour to Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Sebastian’s wife asked us to arrange the tour programme as a gift to her loved one.


Best St Valentine’s Day Gift

Brace yourselves, St Valentine’s Day is coming. In many world countries people want to spend this day making romantic surprises for their beloved and showing their true feelings. We are very glad to help 21st century romanticists to turn their most outstanding dreams and ideas into reality: sync aerobatics at sunset, family complex space training in GCTC and even marriage proposal aboard Mig-29 supersonic fighter via radio communication system during breathtaking aerobatics not to

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Soyuz TMA-15M, tour to Baikonur

Soyuz TMA-15M, tour to Baikonur

32 photos

Even cold November didn’t prevent our tourists from different cities of Russia from seeing off Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft crew comprising Commander Anton Shkaplerov (Roscosmos) and two flight engineers Samantha Christoforetti (ESA) and Terry Virts (NASA) to the space.

Beyond the Gravity

Beyond the Gravity

24 photos

In October 2014 we successfully performed the long-awaited Zero-G flight! IL-76 flying laboratory gathered onboard really multinational team: guests from China and Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belorussia and Russia came to us to experience the feeling of free flight, to overcome the gravity and feel like super heroes.

Baikonur tour, Soyuz TMA-14M launch

Baikonur tour, Soyuz TMA-14M launch

36 photos

Our new tour to Baikonur came to an end. This time the crew of Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft crew included apart from Alexander Samokutyayev (Roscosmos) and Barry Wilmore (NASA) Russian woman-cosmonaut Elena Serova. It is the first time over a long period Russian woman goes to space.

Corporate Space Training

Corporate Space Training

13 photos

All the companies actually want corporate events they hold for their employees to be unique and creative. And what can be more interesting and unbelievable than to become a cosmonaut for a day! That’s why Viasat Company came to us for the corporate event on the basis of GCTC.

Space Corporate Event for VTB24

Space Corporate Event for VTB24

18 photos

Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre is a wonderful, interesting and what is the most important unusual place for corporate events! Our guests from VTB24 bank proved that spending an unforgettable day in Star City.

Baikonur tour - Soyuz TMA-13M launch

Baikonur tour — Soyuz TMA-13M launch

40 photos

New international crew consisting of Maksim Surayev, Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst symbolizes the unity of different countries despite complicated political situation. Our team seeing Soyuz TMA-13 crew off to the ISS was international either: this time the guests from USA, Great Britain and Russia joined our exciting Baikonur Tour.

Steppe adventures – Soyuz TMA-11M landing expedition

Steppe adventures – Soyuz TMA-11M landing expedition

58 photos

On May 13-16 our company organized and completed one more extreme expedition to the steppe of Kazakhstan, to the landing point of Soyuz spacecraft descent module. This time we welcomed on the Earth representatives of Roscosmos, NASA and JAXA, which successfully finished their space shift onboard the ISS.

Spring in Star city

Spring in Star city

12 photos

Yuri Gagarin’s 80th Birthday anniversary we celebrated this year and Cosmonautics Day on April 12 were key factors attracting visitors to Star City. We’ve accomplished lots of various programs for schoolchildren, their teachers and parents, for families and friends, for foreign guests. All of them discovered a wonderful world of cosmonaut trainings with a great interest.

April 12 – the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day!

April 12 – the World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day!

On April 12 the whole World celebrates an Aviation and Cosmonautics Day – a date to commemorate the first ever flight of human in space. Nowadays it is a special date – a day of science triumph, a day of all the people involved in aerospace industry, a day of all interested in prospects of space programs development.

Yuri Gagarin’s Birthday 80th anniversary

Yuri Gagarin’s Birthday 80th anniversary

The year 2014 is of great importance for Russian Federation since this year we host Winter Olympics! But there is another point worth mentioning. This spring we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Birthday of world’s first ever cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Space February

Space February

12 photos

In February our company successfully arranged several interesting excursion programs in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre of Star City. Both foreign guests, young specialists of Research Institute and our youngest visitors – schoolchildren were greatly impressed by these tours.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

14 photos

Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014! We wish you good luck and great mood, may all your dreams come true and your year be full of interesting and memorable events and bright emotions. In our turn we’ll do our best to fill your life with unforgettable impressions offering you with our wonderful and unique space tours!

Corporate event for our partners

Corporate event for our partners

16 photos

Our long-standing partners not only bring their customers to us on a regular basis but also arranged their own corporate event in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre with a great pleasure.

Olympic Torch relay at Baikonur spaceport

Olympic Torch relay at Baikonur spaceport

50 photos

And again our company arranged a tour to Baikonur spaceport with the observation of Soyuz TMA-11M launch. Our tourists from Japan got the unique opportunity not only to take part in the prelaunch events and see off their astronaut to the ISS but also to see the historical moment of launching Sochi 2014 Olympic torch in space!

Gravity - zero!

Gravity — zero!

38 photos

On October 17, 2013 Vegitel company organized a Zero Gravity flight for a collected team, which became the outright gift for all fans of sky, space and just extreme sensations. Ilyushin-76MDK, the flying laboratory of the Cosmonaut Training Center hosted onboard guests from Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Russia.