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Join the group for a Z-gravity flight!

Are you dreaming of the unbelievable experience and keen on extreme adventures? Or you’ve probably been dreaming of space from early childhood? Our zero-gravity flight onboard unique Russian Ilyushin-76 MDK flying laboratory will enable you to float and fly like a cosmonaut under conditions of real weightlessness.


Summer Flights Season at the Height!

29 photos

After a long lockdown we all crave new adventures and now when we are finally free it is necessary to take our best chances! We are glad to inform you that we have resumed jet trainer flights and just for the last week have performed nine flights.


Back to the Future: Soyuz MS-09 launch

15 photos

Though currently we are facing challenging times and travelling around the world is just a distant dream let us hope for the better and get back to wonderful moments and fantastic adventures we have experienced in the past.


The 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory

This year we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The 9th of May is a glorious date of our history. On this day we feel a special sense of gratitude and pride in remembering those who passed through severe trials in the fight in the name of peace and freedom for future generations.


World Aviation and Astronautics Day

On the 12th of April 1961 an extraordinary event occurred that has changed the world – the first ever human spaceflight of Yuri Gagarin laid a foundation for the age of space exploration. This event gave an opportunity for grand-scale scientific researches and discoveries, creation of high technologies and major technical evolution not only in the Soviet Union but worldwide.

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Checking the solar panels of the «Soyuz MS-15» spacecraft

Last preparations for the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft launch are taking place in the assembly and test building in Site 254 at the Baikonur cosmodrome. The solar batteries were checked for the disclosure, and special lighting devices were used to irradiate the «flash». At the end of all the tests, the solar panels were folded down and covered with protective panels.

On September 25, our «space tourists» will participate in a big space adventure and will have a chance to witness the launch of the MS-15 Soyuz with Oleg Skrypochka, Jessica Meir and Khazzaa Al Mansouri on board. Back up crew consists of Sergey Ryzhikov, Thomas Marshburn and Sultan Al Neyadi. The launch will be carried out from the Gagarinsky launch site.

If you missed this particular tour, you are welcome to join our next Baikonur tour in December 2019 for the Progress MS-15 launch to the ISS. To register, click here.