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Baikonur tour – Soyuz MS-10 launch

56 photos

In October we traditionally went to Baikonur to see of to space Soyuz MS-10 crew. For the first time in 35 years there arouse off-nominal situation 122 seconds after the launch and due to the booster failure the spacecraft was not orbited but the more important is that thanks to the genius engineering of Soyuz the cosmonauts were saved. All this united our big international team even more but we’d better never face such situations again. Find our detailed photo report and get inspired.


Space program for our Chinese guests

66 photos

A few days ago our company arranged a complex training program for Chinese guests in GCTC. The schedule was very busy, our guests studied Soyuz spacecraft design and layout, put on Sokol spacesuits, tried to cook real space food with the help of GCTC specialized facility, performed a spacewalk wearing Orlan spacesuits, worked inside ISS module and besides had a seties of theoretical sessions dedicated to space topics.


Baikonur tour – Progress MS-09

36 photos

Together with a group of space enthusiasts once again we visited Baikonur launchsite. This time we went there to observe the launch of Progress MS-09 cargo vehicle that took place on July 10.


World Cup in the Skies

83 photos

This year Russia hosts World Cup attracting lots of tourists from all over the world to our country. As it is commonly known Russia is one of the leading aerospace countries thus jet trainer flight with higher aerobatics in Russia is a perfect adventure for extreme enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.


Baikonur tour: Soyuz MS-09 Launch

61 photos

According to our tradition together with a team of space enthusiasts all over the world we saw off to space another international crew. For five days of our tour we became a true united space team indeed! Altogether we visited all historical places and museums of Baikonur and attended all pre-launch events.

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Sergey Prokopyev

Test Cosmonaut of ROSCOSMOS, Russia
Lt. Colonel of reserve, Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

BIRTH DATE AND BIRTH PLACE: Born on February 19, 1975 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg).


In 1992 he finished secondary school No.64 in Yekaterinburg.

In 1997 Sergey Prokopiev graduated from the Tambov Higher Military Pilot School specializing in Command Tactical Aviation, Air Movement Control and was qualified as a pilot-engineer.

At a period of 2002 — 2005 he studied at Michurinsk State Agrarian University specializing in Accounting, Analysis and Audit, upon completion of his study he was qualified as Economist.


In 1997 — 2007 he served as Deputy Commander of the aircraft; his service was provided in such cities as Orsk, Ryazan and Vozdvizhenka.

In 2007 — 2009 he served as commander of the Tu-22М3 aircraft, commander of the air detachment of the 52-nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment at Long-range aviation Air Base Shaikovka, Kaluga region. Combat participant.

In 2009 — 2010 he served as the aircraft commander and since 2010 — as commander of aviation group of strategic bombers Tu-160 of the 121-st Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment at Long-range aviation Air Base Engels, Saratov region.

He participated in the military parade on May 9, 2010 flying the Tu-160 over the Red Square.

Sergey Prokopiev flied the Yak-52, L-39, Tu-134UBL, Tu-22М3 and Tu-160 and had logged more than 850 hours (by September 2011).


January 31, 2011 Sergey Prokopiev he was enlisted as a candidate to Cosmonaut Detachment.

From February, 2011 till July, 2012 he began to pass general space training.

On August 6, 2012 at the meeting of the Interdepartmental Qualification Commission (IDQC) to assess the training of candidates for test cosmonauts (selection of 2010) he was qualified as a test cosmonaut.

From August, 2012 till June 2015 he passed training as a member of group with specialization on Soyuz TMA-M and ISS.

From June, 2015 till September 2015 he trained as an ISS-45/46/VE-18 backup crewmember as a flight engineer of the manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-M and as a backup member of a 10-day ISS visiting Expedition.

From March, 2017 till December 2018 he passed traning as an ISS-54/55 backup crewmember as a commander of Soyuz MS and a flight engineer of the ISS.
Since December, 2017 he has been training for a space mission as a member of the main crew of ISS-56/57 as a comander of the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-09 and a flight engineer of the ISS.


Decorated with Military Service Order

Medals of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for Meritorious Military Service Second and Third Classes,

Medal for Participation in a Military Parade on Victory Day.

HOBBY: history, football, badminton, underwater hunting.