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Baikonur tour: Soyuz MS-14 launch

33 photos

Our group of space fans has just returned from Baikonur launchsite where on August 22 at 08.38 local time, Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft with anthropomorphous robot FEDOR aboard was successfully launched. That will definitely remain a lifetime memory as we witnessed a historical event indeed since it was the first time an android was launched to space breaking new ground in the history of space exploration.


Summer jet flights season

39 photos

In the first summer days our company organised a number of Albatros L-39 and Delfin L-29 flights. Great weather and the clear blue sky are a great combination to get to know the feeling of a true flight! Our guests from France, Switzerland, the USA and Russia got amazing positive sensations and they'll remember this adventure their whole lives.


Victory Day flights

21 photos

Being such a notable and superb day, the 9th of May has not been spared by our guests who celebrated the victory day at the Oreshkovo airfield paying homage to the memory of war heroes by conducting breathtaking and unforgettable flights aboard L–39 jet trainer.


Baikonur cosmodrome trip, April 2019

35 photos

Progress MS-11 resupply mission to the International Space Station launched from Site 31/6 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on the 4th of April. Liftoff took place at 14:01 Moscow time, setting the stage for the spacecraft to rendezvous with the outpost just over three hours later.


April, 12th — Cosmonautics Day

On April 12, 1961, for the first time ever mankind went beyond the limits of the home planet and entered a new space age. We congratulate all space and cosmonautics fans on this great day and wish you all space health, peaceful skies, new heights and fantastic discoveries!

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IL-76 at MAKS-2015

IL-76 at MAKS-2015

6 фото

Another magnificent Aviation and Space Show MAKS took place in Zhukovskiy near Moscow from August 25 to August 30, 2015. This time our awesome aircraft Ilyusha (IL-76 MDK) took place in the show and literally became one of the exhibition centers.

Haven’t been to Zero-G flight yet? Then we are coming for you.

Haven’t been to Zero-G flight yet? Then we are coming for you.

36 фото

On August, 25 we performed Zero-G flight for combined group of space fans: our guests came from Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, the USA, and Brazil, and almost half of the participants of this flight were Russians. Let this article be an inspiration, a guidance for action, a dare, take your chance to get great impressions and unforgettable experience.

Birthday is a New Records’ Day

Birthday is a New Records’ Day

20 фото

We are glad to announce new GCTC record: on their sixth birthday twins Zina and Zehen turned out to be the youngest and the smallest Sokol rescue spacesuit training participants.

Ahead to Past, Back to Future

Ahead to Past, Back to Future

55 фото

“Soyuz TMA-17M” with Oleg Kononenko, Kjell Lindgren and Kimiya Yui onboard has successfully docked to ISS. Our tourists came back from Baikonur full of fantastic impressions, unforgettable emotions and absolutely happy with this chance to witness such an outstanding event as rocket launch!

Newton Wouldn’t Comprehend: Zero-g Flight

Newton Wouldn’t Comprehend: Zero-g Flight

6 фото

Zero-gravity flight is a kind of adventure to remember for the whole life, an impression, an achievement. It is something you can be proud of and boast of. Even if it won’t make you a cosmonaut it will give you what you want: it will make you feel cool. Or at least you can be sure that your zero-g photos will blow social networks.

Ready for the space flight!

Ready for the space flight!

30 фото

This spring we got acquainted with a wonderful family of brave space and aviation fans. Profession of a cosmonaut is really a heroic one and demands passing long and difficult preparation training. It were Victor and Tamara who made up their mind to experience all the responsibility, unusual feelings and joy that successfully completed space mission brings.

Spanish Space Odyssey

Spanish Space Odyssey

18 фото

Our old friend from Spain Josu Feijoo came back to Star City again. He is a real Spanish hero proving by his own example that people with diabetes are able not only to live a full live but even to conquer Everest, fly onboard MiG-29 jet fighter, pass space trainings etc. This time Mr. Feijoo chose Centrifuge TsF-7 for his explorations, besides he wanted to perform the ride wearing Sokol spacesuit during the training.

Vegitel introducing MultiAngle video technology

Vegitel introducing MultiAngle video technology

10 фото

We proudly present Vegitel Multiangle, the unique product that has no parallel in the aerospace tourism market. The film about your flight is created with help of the high-end system of 6 synchronized action cameras, certified for filming at supersonic speed, in the stratosphere, in case of significant temperature changes and under high G-forces.

Baikonur tour - group admission started for September, 1st

Baikonur tour — group admission started for September, 1st

Right now you have a great chance to book the tour to Baikonur spaceport and watch the launch with your own eyes.

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Matter of Gravitation

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Matter of Gravitation

20 фото

In collaboration with Space Affairs Company we have arranged zero-g flight for a team of media artists from Mexico. Following the results of this project Russia and Mexico held a series of exhibitions in the framework of 125-years anniversary of Russian-Mexican diplomatic relationship.

Zero-Gravity: Summer Flight Group Admission Started

Zero-Gravity: Summer Flight Group Admission Started

12 фото

The next Zero-G flight is scheduled for June 25, 2015. Take your chance! Great impressions and unforgettable experience guaranteed!

Congratulations on Cosmonautics Day!

Congratulations on Cosmonautics Day!

On April, 12 we celebrate the Cosmonautics Day. On April, 12 the great history of space exploration began; and what is most important it was Russia (that time Soviet Union) to make the first step on that heroic way.

Zero-G Adventures for everyone

Zero-G Adventures for everyone

24 фото

On April 2, 2015, Vegitel made an amazing present to all space and aviation fans giving them a wonderful opportunity to experience zero-gravity.

Baikonur tour - Soyuz TMA-16M launch

Baikonur tour — Soyuz TMA-16M launch

45 фото

March 2015. We have arrived at Baikonur to see off Soyuz TMA-16M spacecraft crew comprising Roscosmos cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Korniyenko and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly off to space. We have 5 long days of space adventures ahead...

Winter MIG-29 flights

Winter MIG-29 flights

58 фото

Jet fighter flight is an amazing and exciting event leaving unforgettable impressions. Contrary the common misconception that in winter people are unwilling to take part in such adventures our winter 2015 was really hot. Have a look at our photo report and be inspired!