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Birthday is a New Records’ Day

20 photos

We are glad to announce new GCTC record: on their sixth birthday twins Zina and Zehen turned out to be the youngest and the smallest Sokol rescue spacesuit training participants.


Ahead to Past, Back to Future

55 photos

“Soyuz TMA-17M” with Oleg Kononenko, Kjell Lindgren and Kimiya Yui onboard has successfully docked to ISS. Our tourists came back from Baikonur full of fantastic impressions, unforgettable emotions and absolutely happy with this chance to witness such an outstanding event as rocket launch!


Newton Wouldn’t Comprehend: Zero-g Flight

6 photos

Zero-gravity flight is a kind of adventure to remember for the whole life, an impression, an achievement. It is something you can be proud of and boast of. Even if it won’t make you a cosmonaut it will give you what you want: it will make you feel cool. Or at least you can be sure that your zero-g photos will blow social networks.


Ready for the space flight!

30 photos

This spring we got acquainted with a wonderful family of brave space and aviation fans. Profession of a cosmonaut is really a heroic one and demands passing long and difficult preparation training. It were Victor and Tamara who made up their mind to experience all the responsibility, unusual feelings and joy that successfully completed space mission brings.


Spanish Space Odyssey

18 photos

Our old friend from Spain Josu Feijoo came back to Star City again. He is a real Spanish hero proving by his own example that people with diabetes are able not only to live a full live but even to conquer Everest, fly onboard MiG-29 jet fighter, pass space trainings etc. This time Mr. Feijoo chose Centrifuge TsF-7 for his explorations, besides he wanted to perform the ride wearing Sokol spacesuit during the training.

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Star City: Cosmonaut Training Center

World famous Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star city, Moscow region was founded in 1960. Surrounded by legends and fitted with special equipment Star city is a place of huge interest for visitors.

Various programs of tours and excursions in Star city, offered by our company, allow to see with your own eyes how cosmonauts are trained and prepared, visit large hydro laboratory, check your endurance during Centrifuge run, put on spacesuit and taste space food.

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Zero Gravity flights

You always dreamed of being as light as a fluff, hovering in the sky?

You’ve got a chance to make this dream come true and feel the simulated Zero-G, making a flight onboard a special laboratory airplane – IL-76 MDK – the same way as cosmonauts do preparing for the work in space.

Zero gravity conditions reproduces by laboratory airplane are the closest to the real space flight. In weightlessness your height is zero. Gravity disappears. Feelings of Zero-G flight will become your unforgettable memories.

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Jet fighter flight experience

Today everybody can fly faster than sound! The flight on modern supersonic jet fighter will give you the unforgettable impressions and will become one of the main adventures of your life!

Our company offers you an exciting opportunity to test yourself and get fantastic impressions. Make a flight on MIG-29 fighter with aerobatics maneuvers.

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Baikonur spaceport tours

Our company offers you a unique opportunity to make an exciting trip to Baikonur cosmodrome during launches of manned and unmanned spacecrafts.

This exclusive program will definitely grant you the most inerasable impressions and emotions. You’ll see with your own eyes integration and checkout buildings and launch pads of cosmodrome, you’ll take part in all the main stages of spacecraft preparation for launch: roll-out of the rocket, international press conference of main and backup crews, farewell of cosmonauts to cosmodrome, official crew report. You will sense the pre-launch excitement.

Final point will be the incredible show – launch of spacecraft!

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Corporate events in Star City

Our company offers you extraordinary solutions for your corporate events.

In cooperation with Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star city and using its technical capabilities we arrange exclusive programs aimed to develop a team spirit, get new knowledge and unforgettable impressions.

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