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Baikonur tour – Progress MS-23 launch

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We invite you to see the photo report about our trip to Baikonur in May 2023.


Autumn flight season

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Summer is over, but there is no reason to be sad, because autumn is a time of new ideas, big plans and interesting adventures!

Zero-g adventure

Zero-g adventure

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A hot day at the end of summer brought together in Star City the fans of incredible adventures who chose the most unique experience –zero-g flight. This is a feeling like nothing else, this is a real weightlessness, which is experienced only by astronauts on the ISS and passengers of our special aircraft IL-76 MDK!


Space weekend

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If you are interested in space or just want to have an exciting and educational weekend, an excursion to Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is a great choice! And so did our guests on this warm summer Sunday.

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Sergey Ryzhikov

Roscosmos test cosmonaut, 3rd class
Reserve lieutenant colonel, Russian Armed Forces

  • Soyuz MS-17 crewed spacecraft commander
  • ISS-64 commander,
  • 551st cosmonaut of the world,
  • 121st cosmonaut of the Russian Federation.


  • In 1991, he finished secondary school No.12 and Junior Aviators Club in Nizhnevartovsk (Tyumen Oblast).

  • In 1991, he enrolled into Orenburg Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots, after its disbandment was transferred to Kacha Higher Military Aviation School of Pilots graduating in 1996 specializing in Command Tactical Aviation and was qualified as a pilot-engineer.ration for spcflig

Work experience:

  • In 1996-2007, he served as military pilot.

By the time he was enlisted in the cosmonaut team, flied the L-39, MiG-29 aircraft and had logged more than 700 hours. Military pilot, 2nd class, ranks as officer diver and parachute jump instructor (over 350 parachute jumps).

Space training:
  • At the meeting of Interdepartmental Commission for Selecting Cosmonauts in October, 2006 he was enlisted as the cosmonaut candidate in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center detachment during the 14th selection.

  • During February 2007 — June 2009, took general space training. After passing the exams was qualified as test cosmonaut.

  • In July 2009 — January 2014 trained as a member of ISS program specializing and enhancement group.

  • In December 2014 — March 2016 prepared as the ISS-47/48 Soyuz TMA-20M backup crewmember and ISS flight engineer.

  • In March — October 2016 trained as the ISS-49/50 prime crew member as the Soyuz MS-02 and ISS-49/50 flight engineer.

  • In June 2018 — July 2019 trained as the ISS-60/61 backup crew member, Soyuz MS commander and ISS flight engineer.

  • In July — September 2019, trained as ISS-60/61 backup crew member as the Soyuz MS spacecraft commander and ISS flight engineer.

  • In November 2019 — February 2020 prepared as the ISS-64 backup crew member as the Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft commander and ISS flight engineer.

  • Due to ISS-63 crew composition changes, in February — April 2020 trained as the ISS-63 backup crew member as the Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft commander and ISS-63 flight engineer.

  • In April 2020 started training as the ISS-64 prime crew member as the Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft commander and ISS-64 commander.

Spaceflight experience:

  • His first spaceflight took place on October 19, 2016 — April 10, 2017, he was a member of the ISS-49/50 crew as the Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft commander and the ISS-49/50 flight engineer.

    During the expedition, he conducted dozens of experiments from various fields of science according to the Russian scientific program. During the flight, Sergei Ryzhikov and Andrei Borisenko worked with Russian cargo ships, maintained onboard systems of the International Space Station, took photographs and videos, and prepared their Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft for return from orbit.

    The flight was 173 days long.


  • Hero of the Russian Federation (2018)
  • Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation medals, Roscosmos corporate awards and others.


  • Travelling,

  • reading,

  • music,

  • gardening.