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The 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory

This year we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The 9th of May is a glorious date of our history. On this day we feel a special sense of gratitude and pride in remembering those who passed through severe trials in the fight in the name of peace and freedom for future generations.


World Aviation and Astronautics Day

On the 12th of April 1961 an extraordinary event occurred that has changed the world – the first ever human spaceflight of Yuri Gagarin laid a foundation for the age of space exploration. This event gave an opportunity for grand-scale scientific researches and discoveries, creation of high technologies and major technical evolution not only in the Soviet Union but worldwide.


Greetings to the cosmonaut corps on the anniversary!

On the 7th of March, 1960 the landmark event in the history of space exploration occurred – exactly on that date the first 12 people were enrolled in the cosmonaut corps. Later on their names became known all over the world because those were people who completed the first ever human spaceflight, the first spacewalk, the first orbital docking of two spacecrafts. They became the symbols of courage, examples to emulate and idols for millions of soviet citizens.


Christmas space adventures

36 photos

On Christmas Eve we all believe in fairytales. And space is indeed the greatest miracle of our world, it is not only the mystery of unexplored galaxies that is so fascinating about space but also the triumph of scientific progress and genius of humanity. This is what our guests from Brazil came for – to face the unknown and to explore the secrets of space.


Finishing autumn flights season!

42 photos

Despite this autumn wasn’t that generous with nice sunny days, we flew quite a lot. Fans of jet aviation were not confused at all with either cloudy and rainy days or sensible frosts. Moreover when the day is gray it is doubly pleasant to fly above the clouds and see the sun smiles.

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Videoconference with a cosmonaut

Have you dreamt of asking cosmonaut a question?

  • Have you ever seen UFO or met any alien civilization?
  • What experiments did you conduct in space?
  • Did you do well at school? Which university have graduated from?
  • How many years have you been preparing for your first flight?
  • What do you think about Space X and Elon Musk?
  • How do you think, when it would be possible to travel to the Moon and Mars?
  • What signs do you believe in?
  • What would you recommend to the children who want to reach the «depths of space»?
  • If you get sick during the flight, how are you getting treated? What’s included in the medical kit at the ISS?
  • You spend a much time with your colleagues during the long flight. How do you avoid conflicts and manage the frustration?
  • What do you do during the free time at the ISS? What kind of books do you read, what music do you prefer?
  • What do I need to go to space?

You will have a unique opportunity to chat with a real cosmonaut and ask him any questions you are interested in. You do not even need to go anywhere! Staying comfortable at home you will have online talk with the hero.

Book your video conference with a cosmonaut

Videoconference with a cosmonaut

Discover exciting and fascinating world of cosmonautics and learn the answers to the most challenging questions firsthand – directly from the space mission crew member.

Our programs:

Educational institutions

Videoconference with a real cosmonaut is a perfect option for schools, colleges and universities.

Corporate events

You have an event planned? A chat with a cosmonaut will be the true zest of your meeting!

Special programs

Various educational programs regarding Russian and International space exploration history and perspectives at your service!

Cosmonaut’s greetings

Online greetings will be an unforgettable present for Birthday or a good award for a contest winner.

Our advantage:

  • Real cosmonauts
  • Mobile videoconference
  • Easy booking and payment online
  • Doesn’t matter where you are to participate
  • Individual and group options according to your needs

To organize a video conference you will need:

  • Smartphone or PC
  • Webcam (PC)
  • Headset or microphone with acoustics (PC)
  • Sustainable Internet channel or reliable 3G / 4G signal
  • The audience for the required number of participants
  • PC
  • Webcam
  • Large screen or projector
  • Acoustics and microphone
  • Sustainable Internet Channel
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