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Christmas space adventures

36 photos

On Christmas Eve we all believe in fairytales. And space is indeed the greatest miracle of our world, it is not only the mystery of unexplored galaxies that is so fascinating about space but also the triumph of scientific progress and genius of humanity. This is what our guests from Brazil came for – to face the unknown and to explore the secrets of space.


Finishing autumn flights season!

42 photos

Despite this autumn wasn’t that generous with nice sunny days, we flew quite a lot. Fans of jet aviation were not confused at all with either cloudy and rainy days or sensible frosts. Moreover when the day is gray it is doubly pleasant to fly above the clouds and see the sun smiles.


Cosmonaut Alexey Leonov passes away

12 photos

Today at the age of 85 Soviet cosmonaut # 11, the first Man to perform a spacewalk, twice awarded with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Alexey Leonov passed away.


Baikonur tour: Soyuz MS-15 launch

87 photos

September turned out to be a cosmic month. More than 400 tourists, representatives of the mass media and space agencies from around the world visited cosmodrome Baikonur for the 70th, landmark launch of the Soyuz-FG rocket from the Gagarin's Start. We witnessed the last start from Site 1, the modernization plan of the launch site is designed for three years and the next spacecraft launch will be relocated and also launched on new Soyuz-2.1a rockets.


Baikonur tour: Soyuz MS-14 launch

33 photos

Our group of space fans has just returned from Baikonur launchsite where on August 22 at 08.38 local time, Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft with anthropomorphous robot FEDOR aboard was successfully launched. That will definitely remain a lifetime memory as we witnessed a historical event indeed since it was the first time an android was launched to space breaking new ground in the history of space exploration.

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Supersonic flights on MIG-29 fighter jet

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Vegitel Aerospace Tours:

Guided tour to RSC Energia museum with Jean-Pierre Haignere.

The Museum of RSC Energia is a very unique one. Every object here is real: artificial Earth satellites and interplanetary stations «Luna-3» and «Luna-9». You will also see the genuine Gagarin’s and Tereshkova’s Leonov’s space capsules, as well as life-size models of the first international orbital complex «Soyuz-Apollo» and the orbital station «Mir» and much-much more.

At the Museum there was restored the original office of S.P. Korolev, an outstanding scientist and design engineer, the father of the rocket and space technologies and missile weapons of the USSR. If you are lucky, you will be allowed to sit at the table of the Chief Engineering Officer, which is no small feat!

This time the participants of our group had an awesome opportunity to get the information about the everyday life on the “Mir” station in the own words of the legendary French astronaut Jean-Pierre Haigneré, who took part in two expeditions to “Mir” – in 1993 and 1999, spending 186 days on the station during the mission in 1993. Being a passionate storyteller, he was telling in a vivid and humorous way about the life on the station, the life of astronauts, shared memories of his space flights.

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